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777 Swiss

Luftiges Kabinendesign, WLAN und Hightech Sitze machten die neue Boeing von SWISS zum Publikumsliebling. Wir haben die SWISS Business Class. Die Boeing ER bringt Passagiere bis zu 10 km weit. 01 11 SWISS renews longhaul fleet B first xpx. First Class – komfortable. Swiss hat durch ihre Luftfrachtabteilung Swiss WorldCargo seit Ende März über 80 reine Frachtflüge durchgeführt und dabei über

Swiss plant Umbau von drei Boeing 777 zu Frachtflugzeugen

Einzigartige Aufnahmen der SWISS Boeing ER zeigen das Langstreckenflaggschiff über den Schweizer Alpen. Swiss hat durch ihre Luftfrachtabteilung Swiss WorldCargo seit Ende März über 80 reine Frachtflüge durchgeführt und dabei über Modellflugzeug Boeing er SWISS, Artikelnummer: Dieser Artikel ist derzeit nicht lieferbar, aber bestellbar. Lieferbar: in die Schweiz und.

777 Swiss SWISS Seat Maps Video

Retraining of the Cockpit Crew for Boeing 777-300ER - SWISS

The SWISS Boeing ER is configured with 8 First Class suites, 62 open suite Business Class seats that transform into fully lie-flat beds, and standard Economy seats. Swiss Connect WiFi internet access is available on this aircraft. 6/4/ · Swiss Throne Seat in Business. Photo: Jay Singh/Simple Flying Booking. You can redeem cash or miles for this flight. Swiss award availability is pretty hard to come by outside their own loyalty program. That being said, if you’re a bit flexible, you’ll . 10/22/ · An almost new SWISS Boeing suffered wing damage in São Paulo on Tuesday after high winds allegedly shifted a mobile stair unit. However, while there were rain and storms at São Paulo Airport on Tuesday, recorded wind speeds do not appear to be high enough to have caused the stairs to shift on their own – unless someone forgot to apply the brakes. The succulent smoked trout jelly paired nicely with the parmesan breadsticks. Quiet and comfortable, with easy access to the washrooms. You actually need put privacy screen aisle side and door together to make your Monk Fruit Deutsch fully private. Das könnte Sie auch interessieren:. Für Paare oder Freunde sicher kein Problem — für fremdelnde Kollegen oder unbekannte Passagiere unter Umständen schon. Die Flugbegleiter zeigten auf unseren Testflügen stets ein offenes Ohr Gh.Dew die Anliegen South Beach Bingo Passagiere und hatten nach Durchlauf ihrer Routinen sogar Zeit für ein unaufdringliches Schwätzchen.

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Das Sahnestück sind die Einzelplätze am Fenster. I do not recommend any of the Turbo Call seats on this flight unless you have the seats with extra legroom. Plenty of room even Spiele Deutsch window seatgood recline with nobody complaining, 2 full windows to look outside. Seat 50J doesn'v have in-arm tables but a normal table that slides to the side. All passengers will have access. Test Spielsucht Im a medium sized female. Seat 51 D is a standard Economy Class seat, however, the close proximity to the lavatories may be bothersome. There is no power in Economy. As for the seats in general, although I abhor the layout, I have to give Swiss credit for being generous with the legroom and Doubledown Casino padding. This 777 Swiss an The mobile stairs are on wheels, and a braking system is standard to hold them in place. Seat 23 A is a standard Economy Dartscheibe Maße seat that has extra legroom, however, it is missing a window. Seat 7 K is an open suite Business Class seat that transforms into Bet24 fully lie-flat Van Gerwen Vermögen. Seat 4 K is an open suite Business Class seat that transforms into a Online Gams lie-flat bed.
777 Swiss
777 Swiss

The mobile stairs are on wheels, and a braking system is standard to hold them in place. The aircraft was parked when the incident occurred. In the absence of typhoon grade winds, one likely cause is that the brakes were not applied or not applied properly.

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Also, no window. This is the WORSE configuration on a seats are small, legroom is minimal, comfort is the worse ever experienced.

It is sad cause I flew with Swiss A and was very nice in the past. But if you have to do a long-haul flight, avoid Swiss as much as you can.

The plane is nice cause it is new, but this does not really count when you feel squeezed in a packed plane with less than average services.

Hated my seat. If you look closely, you will see that the center seats and single side seats all have 1 or 2 tables per seat.

Side double seats have one table to share. Very, very cramped. They should charge less for the side doubles I had this seat for the 12 hour flight from Hong Kong to Zurich.

The seat is narrow and located where the seat configuration changes from to and the aisle narrows. I was hit on the shoulder by flight attendants as they walked past and was hit by what seemed to be every other catering trolley coming from the rear galley.

Most uncomfortable! I suspect that 49G would have similar problems. Terrible seat. Never will ride Swiss again in economy, and likeley never again in any class.

Could not open computer to use when 23A had seat back. Knees rubbed against seat back. Leg room too small.

When 23A seat was back distance of my face to back of the seat screen was 11 inches. Seats are too narrow, as are the aisles. While there is pretty good leg room, knees rub against the seatback in front, and shoulders rub against the passenger to the right or left.

Service was mediocre, and food was downright awful, much worse than on Lufthansa. One redeeming feature is that the Zurich Airport is smaller and more user-friendly than Munich and especially Frankfurt, and easier to make connections.

The entertainment screens are large and well-designed, and the 3D navigation tracking system helps keep your mind off of the negatives of the seats.

Although the seats appear old and not comfortable. The flight was full and cramped with the configuration in economy class.

Use another airline such as Lufthansa for better seats. It is located at the bulkhead between business class and first class. This is only a wall, there are no lavatories, crew storage, or kitchen areas.

There are compartments to store items so you don't have to put everything overhead during taxi, takeoff, and landing. There was almost no foot traffic throughout the flight.

My wife and I traveled together. She was in 4G. Sitting in the middle seats worked very nicely for a couple.

One of my favorite business class seats. The food was adequate, but leaves a lot to be desired when compared to other European carriers. No power at seat.

Will avoid economy travel on this airline on the future. You have to use the headphones provided by the airline as the entertainment system only accepts 2 prong jacks.

Even the Bose adapter didn't fit, go figure?!? Lots of movie and TV show options, and the music was decent. I loved the air map feature and it's different choices.

The window seat occupant is basically trapped if the aisle seat person is reclined or lies flat. The crew were excellent, very attentive, friendly, and helpful in every way.

On this aircraft there are two lavatories on one side, choose that side it makes a difference. Pillow and blanket were very good.

All in all time flew by. Not the best business class but it's very good and the crew make it great. This is a bad seat for real. Less leg room, because the these seats are not aligned with the ones in front of them 50J has less leg room than 50K.

When the person in front reclines, you'll have the monitor in your face. More room for hand luggage though. These seats 51 A-B do recline, and there is noone behind that you have to consider.

Some extra space on the side as well, as there are only 2 seats here. Better than row 50, which is misaligned and has less leg room.

Good seats! Seat on row 36 cannot recline. This is true for all the seats with a wall behind them.

Less width and more expensive! Swiss packs 10 seats in the width while other companies only have 9 for the same economy class but cheaper Not only are you cramped in your seat but the passage is so narrow that you always bump into somebody's leg, shoulder or elbow when you walk.

Only positive is leg room below the seat, although distance to screen becomes minimal if the passenger in front reclines fully. SIN - ZUR 14K didn't find the misalignment of the window too much of an issue being a night flight but even a day time flight you just need to lean forward slightly.

Food and cabin crew were spot on,1 young man came and spoke to my wife and I for quite some time,purser came through the cabin with 2 boxes of chocolates handing them out and my wife jokingly said if you have 1 spare she'd have 1,a few minutes later he brought her a large box of chocolates,big thankQ.

First impression the is good but doesn't seem as wide as you think once seated, the decor is very 'business' like as in an office appearance, plenty of adjustment with a massage mode,tv is angled downwards possibly for watching when laid down.

TV had no sound at first and then a male staff member sorted it, apparently there's a switch underneath that the cleaners catch when doing there job.

Rest of the staff were spot on and the grub was good, especially the beef main course. There was definitely more leg room for this bulkhead seat but the width was confining and uncomfortable when seated between two broad men.

On december 20 we flew from Miami to Zurich. Economy section totally full. I was seated in the middle seat as I exchanged my corridor seat with another passenger to stay seated near my husband.

This was the most awful trip I had ever taken in my life, thanks to Swiss squeezing 10 seats when there used to be 8. I had cramps in my legs, the passenger in front of me reclined his seat from the beginning to the end.

Trying to get out of my seat was a very difficult task, as well as eating as there was no space at all. Moreover, the entertainmbet screen did not work.

Flight attentands waited three hours before comimg to see what was wrong and they were not able to fix it. It is disgrasful for Swiss to have done this.

Never again I will fly with you SwissAir! For people reading: spend a couple hundreds more dollars and fly Lufthans Premium Economy, a wonderful experience.

And Lufthansa flight attendants so much nicer and responding to passengers's calls. The seat seems to be made from air cushions, which in my case were either very hard or a too soft, like a gel seat.

The flight attendants were friendly, the food below average, the wines excellent on my flight from LAX-Zurich. Seats 7D and even more 7G are bad seats compared to what the cabin has to offer.

The room for feed is dramatically smaller and 7G has moreover les rest for the arms. Very narrow. A cheap charter feeling. Not adapted for a premium Airline.

I will avoid in the future this plane. Yes, the seats in 50 are misaligned compared to The real pain for 50B is that while it has two monitor screens even behind 49B and 49C both screens are so shifted to the side that either your neighbour on 50A gets to watch what you're watching or the rearward audience can share your viewing preference.

I disagree however with the bad comments around legroom. I flew in and out on 50B and 50A 10h plus in either and found more space to tuck my feet under.

You just have the seat struts in front in the middle. This comment is also valid for 50J. Be aware that Swiss charges extra for the single window seats.

They should be marked 'premium' and that in Business class!! Seat reclines than any other seat, which is great. It also has a little space next to the seat to store covers and stuff like that.

But for that reason, there is a gap between Window and seat. If you want to have a decent flight experience, I strongly advise against flying Swiss The seats are uncomfortable.

I'm an average sized guy, but my shoulders touched my neighbours shoulders. This is the worst economy class I've experienced so far However, I am only 5'2".

Anyone tall or heavy would be less comfortable. Warning if your tray table is open and you have a full glass on it. If the person in front of you reclines their seat, chances are they will knock over your drink.

I was on night flight to BKK. There is nothing to complain. Even if you make fool use of your hand luggage you can't fill all the compartment around the seat.

Only problem came with my stupidity. I dropped my MP3-player so it fall in the mechanics of the seat. In BKK they called a mechanic to get it out.

The seat is actually so confortable that I think the flight to BKK is to short so you could sleep longer.

Plenty of room even behind window seat , good recline with nobody complaining, 2 full windows to look outside. I would never choose any other seat in LX Economy!

No idea why still marked as bad seats. They should actually be green. No problem with people going to the washroom at all. It's not that bad. Even reclined somewhat, I didn't intrude on the passenger behind me.

It does require you to get out of your seat, so the middle and window seat passengers can get out. Again - not too bad, since you want to get up and stretch your legs.

Seat pitch is good and the seat width is acceptable. I had a taller guy sit in the middle seat with no problem. The lavatory line does extend up to my row.

I would choose Swiss again over the current British and Lufthansa business. The seat was very comfortable for sitting and has a large footwell for sleeping.

There is not good sleep leg support I put the blanket under my knees and sleep elbow space is limited. The temperature is warm I was OK in shorts -- Zurich airport was uncomfortably hot.

Entertainment has a responsive touch screen but limited programming. There was no flight camera. The window seats are OK for couples: there is a divider that requires leaning forward for talking -- I had a better view of the person across the aisle.

Seat 50J doesn'v have in-arm tables but a normal table that slides to the side. Thus, the comment that the armrest is immovable and reducing with is not accurate, it's actually very OK.

Same applies I guess for 50A, B and K accordingly. The two seats in the very back are regular, decent economy class seats. They don't recline further than other seats but also not less.

The restroom behind is not really a problem because they are accessible from the emergency exit galley only so people don't actually stand in front of the two seats.

There is a little more leg room due to the concaved shape of the plane. You also have a little more room on each side of the seats for the same reason.

I'd fly there again if I can't get business class. I travelled with 5 from Zurich to BKK. I expected a terrible flight, also based on some of the reviews here.

In all honesty I had a decent flight. Yes, the seating is cramped, but what can you expect from an airline that still needs to make money. If you want room, book business class and don't complain.

Because Swiss makes up for seating with fabulous entertainment system, efficient crew, lots of good food and a bar where you can grab refreshments throughout the flight.

For my children they went the extra mile with candy and some surprises. Seating is a joke Swiss wants to be modern with a plane that otehrs have in service over 10 years.

The layout , modern design is horrible , and swiss is more expensive.. Emirate , Ehtihad , Sing , Cathay are much better. Given the notorious reputation for a lousy economy class, I bit the bullet and paid for an upgrade to business class.

As other reviewers have noted, the business class on this aircraft is a mixed bag. Some I definitely would not have wanted 2 per window! I had the same space in one seat as the people behind me had crammed into two seats.

This is the bulkhead seat with tons of leg room and a cabinet on each side. The bathroom use was not an issue at all because you have a cabinet seperating you from the aisle.

I would steer clear of the aisle seats that only have a small arm rest, or that share a table. If you can get this seat, grab it! I will never again fly Swiss ER.

It was one of the worst experiences with Swiss ever. The seating leaves no space in corridors, the legroom is so poor i'm 1. A and K jammed against sidewall of airplane so little shoulder room.

Seat very hard. I flew with my wife next to me, assuming we could see each other, talk to each other. No way. The new seat configuration in BUS has a large partition between the seats, so can't even ser each other!

Might as well book two separate single seats which have much more stirage space. The configuration of this aircraft is the worst I have seen, Seats are too small and no legroom whatso ever.

The corridors are so narrow that the cart has difficulty to pass without seating passengers leaning away. I will take any day Airbus.

I will never fly again swiss on a long haul Beoing ER. The bathrooms in the back of the plane and not used much and somewhat hidden. Had very little bathroom traffic to endure.

The room for feet is actually better because there is a 2 seat space for your feet. On of the best seats on the airplane.

On my way out I flew in 15k which already was a great seat. But you have even more legroom. The toilet is not disturbing at all since you have not just an armrest to the aile.

Best business experience so far. Finally I had enough space for my feet. I don't understand why people write that 12K is a bad seat.

It's very good, otherwise than written it has a window and most of all it's a business class seat where you are on your own.

So you have plenty of space to place your items, laying down flat is comfortable, you can sleep well, also laying in different positions for watching films on the big screen is comfortable.

Staff was very friendly. Only complaint: If you rest your arms on the side be careful to not move the seats with the buttons. In bref: I liked this business class seat and the service of Swiss very much.

I'm 5"11 tall and had no problems. The entire business section seems claustrophobic and out dated. Big boxy seats and dividers hem you in from all sides.

To get into flat seat mode, you sink down so low that it feels as though you are in a motorcycle sidecar with a blanket over your head. I am 5'10", and flat arrangement was very uncomfortable.

Food was not worth eating. Service was excellent and courteous. Find some other business class on a different jet.

Pros: lots of stowage available and nice big screen, also no need to climb over someone else to get out of the seat. Cons: in bed configuration, the seat felt very narrow.

Very uncomfortable for a 12 hr flight. I am 5'10 and had my knees against the seat in front. Difficult to get comfy to sleep.

Entertainment ok, good touchscreen system, only spoiled by random reminders that we were going into night configuration and shouldn't use phones??

Evening meal good, breakfast poor. Would be nice if Swiss treated their economy customers with some respect, maybe their executives should try a 12 hour economy seat once in a while.

I habe little choice in the flights that are booked for me, if you have a choice there are better options. I am flying with my dog, and they gave me seat 36K, it is an assigned "dog in cabin" seat.

This means I will have to stow my dog in his carrier under the seat in front of me. So if you have seat 35K, there may be a small dog under your seat.

Could be a concern for people with severe allergies. Boy did I learn a lot about travelling with a dog thes last few days!

The seats are an example of poor industrial design. Between the seats there is a box containing the tray tables and making the space feel very claustraphobic , the seat controls are placed perfectly for one's elbow to continually move the seat position, worst of all good in flat bed configuration but impossible to get comfortable positions otherwise.

Not as good as the old seats on the A and a generation behind everyone else's seats. Getting out of 8A was terrible as the space was not enough. For the return flight we have obtained seats in the middle, which although they have all the same faults both of us can reach the aisle without a requirement to be an acrobat.

The worst Business Class seat I have sat in for such a long haul journey. Not only is there no window, as there is a person next to you you have to climb over them to get out.

Plus your neighbour shares the same table for drinks etc. Definitely not worth the money. The As and As are far superior.

Legs also restricted a bit for the same reason. Do not book if you're over 1. Horrible layout.. Headphone socket upside down. Hosties were indifferent and service generally chaotic and unprofessional.

If you can get it, seat 4A is definately the best Business Class seat on the plane. Not only does the feet cubby not end up in tight spot, it is fully open and the width of the seat.

I could not actually touch the end, most of my 6'4" body could have fit into the hole for the legs. There is an insane amount of space.

Business class seat was the most uncomfortable I ever encountered. Flight attendant actually told me I had already had my bowl of nuts and could not have any more when I asked for them.

But the disappointment was very big. Due to an emergency stop-over medical reasons in Baku the flight was finally delayed by almost 6 hours.

To sit in this cramped and hard seat for about 16 hours was a sheer horror. Otherwise they will lose customers to other more competitive airlines, such as Lufthansa, Thai, Singapore or Cathay.

Wow, what a disappointment. Now, on to the good stuff! A few moments later, I was offered a menu. For my starter, I selected the Fera trout, which was served with mixed veggies, my choice of bread I went for an olive roll and a small green salad.

Then, for my main course, I selected the beef tenderloin with herb crust, red wine sauce, potato gratin and spring vegetables. I very much enjoyed the cheese, though I was beginning to feel pretty full at this point.

After the cheese course, a flight attendant came by with a selection of delicious chocolates, as is the norm on Swiss.

Then, later in the flight I asked for some tea and a Diet Coke. Meanwhile, prior to landing I was served a salad with radish, a bowl of fruit salad, bruschetta and a roll.

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Skip to content. Advertiser Disclosure. Zach Honig. Including a live cooking station, with a very friendly chef. There are showers available as well, so you can freshen up before your flight.

Followed by business class, which consists of 62 seats spread between two cabins. And, finally, the first-class cabin, which was completely empty on this flight to Montreal.

Here is the repaint for the PMDG in Swiss livery. Swiss ordered six ER. I created this livery for the for those who can't wait for the ) Easy to install with PMDG Operations Center. You will need the payware PMDG LR to install and fly this livery. Swiss has 11 Boeing ER planes in its fleet, which were acquired in & to replace the carrier’s aging A aircraft. The B aircraft are used on Swiss’ ultra long routes, such as Zürich to/from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Bangkok, Singapore, Miami, Sao Paulo, and Hong Kong. Enjoy the best online games on our Swiss Online Casino. Sign up now and receive Up to CHF Bonus!. For your next SWISS flight, use this seating chart to get the most comfortable seats, legroom, and recline on. Swiss Boeing BDE HB-JNA Downloadsize: Mb Download. Swiss Boeing BDE HB-JNB Downloadsize: Mb Download. Swiss Boeing BDE HB-JNC. Die Boeing ER bringt Passagiere bis zu 10 km weit. 01 11 SWISS renews longhaul fleet B first xpx. First Class – komfortable. Mit der Boeing ER setzt SWISS neue Massstäbe in Sachen Reiseerlebnis und Komfort. Neue Sitze, WLAN an Bord und eine neue Raumgestaltung. Einzigartige Aufnahmen der SWISS Boeing ER zeigen das Langstreckenflaggschiff über den Schweizer Alpen. Innovativ, elegant und komfortabel: Das waren die Vorgaben für den neuen Business Sitz von SWISS in der Boeing ER, den das Team von Paul.
777 Swiss


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